My work at a glance


Antonino Sgalambro is a permanent researcher at the Istituto per le Applicazioni del Calcolo Mauro Picone (IAC-CNR) of the National Research Council of Italy.

He holds a PhD in Operations Research from University of Rome La Sapienza.

He teaches in academic courses on Optimization, Operations Research and Management Science.

His research activity focuses mainly on Operations Research and Management Science, Mathematical Optimization and Decision Support Systems.

Some relevant applications of his research arise in Logistics, Transportation, Service and Manufacturing Systems, Location Problems, Safety and Security Decision Making.

He is the Project Manager and Coordinator of SPORTELLO MATEMATICO, a project for Knowledge Transfer of Industrial Mathematics and Operations Research, funded by the Italian Ministry of the University and Research (MIUR).

He is a Member of the Board of the EU-MATHS-IN Foundation, European Service Network of Mathematics for Industry and Innovation.